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Networks – with 20 years plus in real estate, Denise understands that it’s BOTH what you know AND who you know. She has both bases covered. Her extensive network of property related contacts improves the selling process and ensures your property is marketed right to the maximum number of buyers. There’s no substitute for relationships built over time in property and Denise is an expert at this. Knowledge – with a husband in residential and commercial design and building and a personal interest in art, fashion, architecture and interior design, Denise’s knowledge of real estate and home living is unequaled. Never underestimate the importance of in-depth property knowledge and an eye for detail when it comes to selling a house. Denise has both and the manner in which she has delivered for a huge range of clients over many years is testament to this. Energy – this isn’t just a job for Denise, it’s a passion. She’s known for her dynamic energy and the way she is able to foster long-term relationships with her clients: Denise prides herself on her high level of referral business. Yes, she conducts herself with the utmost professionalism, but she also wants everyone to enjoy the process and look back on it with a smile. It’s this appealing mix of responsibility and fun that puts Denise’s clients at ease no matter their background. Denise says the key to successfully delivering for her clients again and again is staying open-minded and remaining relaxed no matter how stressful the situation can become. She’ll go anywhere and work with anyone – always focusing on taking the pressure out of the selling process. She loves to keep up with new trends in property and knows the market like the back of her hand. Nothing phases Denise, she’s seen it all. Get in touch today and let Denise’s networks, knowledge and energy work for you.

There’s no one quite like Denise. Her combination of skills and experience have delivered results for her clients regardless of any market volatility. What does she offer that’s different from the rest?