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Peter Ware
HI, I help homeowners on the Kapiti Coast achieve the maximum sale price for their homes for a competitive commission, making sure they end up with more money in their pockets. I am a specialist in homes with RV's of up to $600,000, Because I specialise, I always have a substantial list of waiting buyers in the price range. Having a number of qualified waiting buyers means - * Competing offers to achieve the best possible price * A Faster Sale (Less time keeping the home immaculate, and avoids extended family disruption) * Your advertising costs kept to a minimum due to database marketing. * The perfect buyer is usually already on my books. I have a wealth of advice to offer, but time and time again he sees properties come to the market where both the property and the home seller are ill-prepared; the unfortunate result is a home sold below its full potential. I am passionate about achieving the highest possible price in the best time frame possible. Spend some time with me and find out how you too can achieve a price that excites you. Talk To Peter Ware Now on 0800-887-363