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Sales and Marketing Consultant

Tom Hughes first came to Waiheke Island in 2001 when he and his Kiwi wife purchased a home in Sandy Bay. Tom has an extensive career record as a top Sales and Marketing person having owned and managed businesses first in New Zealand in the mid 70's and then later in North America.

Operating both manufacturing and industrial distribution businesses have instilled in him an understanding of how to serve his client base in a professional manner. Working out the details and problem solving are key components that Tom brings to the table. A former vendor sums up his dedication best:

"Thanks to you for your amazing knowledge, perseverance and dedication. You did not seem to have a limit to the lengths you would go to for us. We are really grateful.

Happy to act as a reference any time."

Equally important his past experience in growing businesses from start up has instilled in him the necessity of a proper marketing campaign. Finding and stimulating the buyer is Job #1.

For a proper real estate experience contact Tom in confidence.